Themed Events

1. The Good Old Days
What better than a traditional music hall theme. Our master of ceremonies introduces vocalists, comedians and other speciality acts and gets the crowd to join in… “Oh no he doesn’t”

2. The Circus
A simulated big top houses this mixture of traditional and modern circus acts. Clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers and tarpeze artists are amongst the entertainers. Fairground rides can also be included, with side shows such as the coconut shy, and candy floss stalls.

3. Fright Night
The venue is decorated as a disused grave yard, with coffins and skeletons strewn amongst the head stones. Large scale illusions and terrifying circus acts scare you half to death in the most shocking party of them all.

4. Car Wash 70’s
Dig out your flares cos the seventies are back man!!! Inflatable furniture, glitter balls and all things psychedelic transport you back to the coolest decade. With an ABBA tribute band and 70’s disco, this is one of our most popular themes.

5. Winter Wonderland
An indoor ice rink? No problem. We can also provide hire skates for your guests. Add artificial snow, ice sculptures, a ski or snow board simulator and an Alpine Oompah band and we have a winter wonderland in the middle of summer! Santa’s sleigh and grotto can also be provided.

6. Casino Royale
A celebration of the film – a lavish casino is created with real gaming tables, including Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Poker. Admire props from the most famous spy movies, whilst lookalikes mingle and perform (Shirley Bassey etc). Take your turn to try to solve the murder mystery…

7. Blue Brothers
All the music from this classic movie, performed live on stage by our Blue Brothers tribute band. A genuine American police car is one of the many props used to create that authentic film setting. Guests are encouraged to wear the obligatory hats and sunglasses – great fun for all.

8. Future Fantastic
Based on films like Terminator, our space themed event is stacked high with hi-tech gadgets. Human robots interact with your guests, whilst you get involved with our virtual reality machines, or experience a thrilling ride in our simulator.

9. The Blitz
This popular theme is based in war-torn Britain during World War II. The Big Band pays all the classics from Glen Miller, Vera Lynn and the Ovaltineys etc. Search lights, air raid sirens, military vehicles all add to the realism.

10. Caribbean Calypso
An extravagent beach party for any time of the year. Dance to the calypso beat of the steel band and watch our fire eaters with amazement. Try limbo dancing or surfing on our surf simulator. Or relax upon our man made beach, complete with rowing boat, fishing nets and shellfish.

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