Room Dressing

Our room dressing service can turn any space into a special, welcoming environment. We have many years experience in turning standard rooms into a place fit for your special occasion. We can colour wash the walls to match your colour scheme.

When you are planning your wedding and are looking for something to add a real touch of glamour to the day, take a look at the wide range of wedding backdrops which we can provide:-


Our Starlight backdrops are a simple yet effective way of enhancing the romantic and intimate atmosphere of your venue with a soft, glittering background. The white backdrop will be a perfect compliment to your chair covers.


Transform your venue from a conference room and give it that wonderful wedding feel:



With over 200 different colours, we can also colour wash the starcloth to match the colour of the chair sashes that you choose. Or colour wash the wall of your venue to transform the room for your event.

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